libxml++  5.2.0
libxml++ Reference Manual


libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML parser and builder library. It presents a simple C++-like API that can achieve common tasks with less code.

See also the libxml++ Tutorial and the libxml++ website.


Basic Usage

Include the libxml++ header:

#include <libxml++/libxml++.h>

(You may include individual headers, such as libxml++/document.h instead.)

If your source file is, you can compile it with:

g++ -o program `pkg-config --cflags --libs libxml++-5.0`

If your version of g++ is not C++17-compliant be default, add the -std=c++17 option.

Alternatively, if using autoconf, use the following in


Then use the generated LIBXMLXX_CFLAGS and LIBXMLXX_LIBS variables in the project files. For example: